#1 [Math] Toughness-Berechnung & Vitality von Cloud 09.09.2012 10:18

+1000 toughness should be you take (0.966^10) less damage, or 70.8% damage, which is a 29.2% reduction. +2000 toughness would be a 50% reduction.

Formel für den Erhaltenenen Schaden ist:
0.966^X = Incoming Dmg ; Dabei ist X = Toughness in 100er Schritten ; Der Faktor 0,966 ist die 3,5~ % Dmg Reduktion

Geg: 1000 Toughness
Ansatz: 0.966^10 = 70.8%, DMG kommen an -> 29,2% Reduzierter Schaden

Geg: 2000 Toughness
Ansatz: 0.966^20 = ~50%. DMG kommen an -> 50% Reduziertr Schaden

"Momentanen Lebenspunkte" + (10Lebenspunkte x k Vita)

#2 RE: [Math] Toughness-Berechnung & Vitality von Cloud 09.09.2012 10:31

One thing to take into account about the Toughness Vs. Vitality, is also that vitality reduces the strength of heals applied to your self.

If you have 10K health, and stack toughness, and a 5K heal, your heal is 50%. If you stack 15K health and no toughness, now your same heal is only 33%.

I still think vitality wins out, but its another effect that should be taken into account.

EDIT, another example to explain the effect.

Player 1 = 10K health + 1000 vitality = 20K health. The player also has a heal 5K on a 10s timer, or 500health/s.

Player 1 is being attacked by another player doing 500dps, obviously the heal and the dps cancel out and he wins. Now another player comes doing 600dps. Player 1 is now taking effectively 100damage/s and will die in 200 seconds.

Player 2 = 10K health + 1000 Toughness. He also has the same 500health/s effective heal.

He starts being attacked by the player who does 600dps. After Toughness he is doing 579.6dps, after the heal, he is doing effectively 79.6 dps and player 2 takes 125.628 seconds to die.

Now player 1s stat decision was obviously the smarter one, but its easy to see a scenario where Toughness would win, such as if the attacker was doing 517.6dps. In that scenario he wouldn't kill the Toughness player at all, but the vitality player would.

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